BioPark Parent – Valentines Day Sale

Officially name an Ant or Cockroach after that very special loved one in your life.

Choose either a Leafcutter Ant or Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

Not sure which bug to choose?
CLICK HERE to take the quiz below to find out if your love is an Ant or Roach!!

Your gift will go a long way toward helping us protect these misunderstood love bugs

For Just $20 your Special loved one will receive a special package

  • Personalized Official certificate
  • Bug Fact Sheet
  • Valentine’s Day Card
  • Name recognition on the Botanic Garden BioPark Parent Board for 1 year

Deadline for Valentine Delivery is February 9, 2017

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BioPark’s Valentine’s Day Quiz

Are you in Love with a Leafcutter Ant or a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach? Take this Quiz to find out?

Is your loved one an early bird, or late night owl?

A – Early Bird
B – Night Owl

Fun Fact – Leafcutter Ants tend to be more active during the day, Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches are creatures of the night.

Does your love one go with the flow or are they a rebel without a cause?

A – Go with the flow
B – Rebel without a cause

Fun Fact -Ants like to stay in line and roaches do their own thing

Does your love one have a green thumb?

A – Yes
B – No

Fun Fact -Leafcutter Ants use the leaves to grow fungus which is their main food source

Would your loved one rather live in a mansion with lots of servants, or a quiet Log Cabin?

A – Mansion
B – Cabin

Fun Fact – Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches like to live inside old rotting logs and stumps, while leafcutter ants build giant homes with many rooms, (and lots of kids)

Is your loved one a social butterfly or a wall flower?

A – Social Butterfly
B – Wall Flower

Fun Fact – Leafcutter ants are highly social with different jobs and they enjoy a good party now and then, while Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches are actually afraid of the light and will hide in the shadows, like a nervous middle schooler at their first dance.

For dinner your loved one would choose a Salad or Cheeseburger?

A – Salad
B – Cheeseburgers

Fun Fact – Those Leafcutter Ants ONLY eat their home-grown fungus (and the occasional bit of fruit), while roaches eat whatever their heart pleases. (And we mean whatever!)

Is your loved one loud during a sporting event?

A – Yes
B – No

Fun Fact – Male Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches sport large protruding bumps on the thorax, which give them an unusual and impressive appearance. Rivals ram one another with these bumps while emitting a loud hissing noise (which is where their name comes from).. Winning roaches hiss more than losers.

Count all your A’s and B’s

If you scored mostly A’s you are in love with a Leafcutter Ant

If you scored mostly B’s you are in love with a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

Respect every living thing, for even the ant and Roaches and Ants play an important role in nature.