Bird Housewarming Gifts

Welcome home, birds!

After several years of renovation, the Raptor Roost is now open and a new home has been built for island birds. Here’ you’ll find some of the most magnificent birds, including Stellar’s sea eagles, Andean condors, African white-necked ravens, Guam kingfishers, Bali mynah and more.

With your help, these exhibits will be more than just a place to live, they will be an enriching and entertaining home. By selecting a gift for their new “nest,” you’re making sure these fascinating birds are happy and healthy.

Just like you, birds have many needs after a big move. Click on each item to find out how you can help the birds.

Gifts for the “bathroom”

Gifts for the “kitchen”

Gifts for the “dining room”

Gifts for the “playroom”

Gifts for the “workshop”