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reat Ape Tour

60 minutes, $50-$65/person (ages 12+)

See the great apes like you’ve never seen them before. Your zookeeper guide will take you backstage to meet the unique members of the BioPark’s great ape groups.


  • Explore the gorilla’s night quarters where hammocks, climbing ropes and lots of toys fill each towering space
  • Watch a huge silverback gorilla interact with a zookeeper during a training session
  • Visit the orangutan patio where the entire family will gather to receive treats from the zookeeper
  • Get a close-up view of the siamangs, including the two playful youngsters
  • Find out what zookeepers do to keep these intelligent animals healthy and active
  • Learn what you can do to help apes around the world

upcoming Tour Dates

Stay tuned for details.

Questions? Please contact manager@bioparksociety.org or call 505-764-6297 Monday-Friday.