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Ape House Tour

60 minutes, $50/person (ages 12+)

See the great apes like you’ve never seen them before! Your tour begins in the Gorilla Playroom where hammocks, climbing ropes and lots of toys fill each towering room. Next, a huge silverback gorilla dashes swiftly and silently into a special room for a training session. Watch how this incredibly intelligent ape interacts with the zookeeper while you stand safely just a few feet away. You’ll get a true sense of his commanding presence when he stands and stretches his arms to full length. Next, you will watch another gorilla participate in a training session and paint a small canvas. Every person on the tour will receive a small, previously-painted (and dry!) work of art to take home. Finally, you’ll visit the orangutan patio, a special training area behind the scenes. Here you’ll be closer than ever to the orangutans while the zookeepers introduce you to each unique member of the family.



Available Tour Dates:

Check back soon for more dates in 2017 and 2018, or contact manager@bioparksociety.org.