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Aquarium: Above the Shark Tank & Backstage Areas

60 minutes, $55-70/person (ages 5+)

Dive in and explore the top side of the tanks at the Aquarium. Your tour is led by an aquarist who will answer all your “biting” questions.


• Walk along the edge of the 285,000-gallon ocean tank
• See sharks, sea turtles and barracudas swim by to get a better look at you!
• Watch as divers prepare to enter the Open Ocean tank
• Peek into the coral reefs
• Tour the kitchen where aquarists prepare restaurant quality meals
• Explore the quarantine room where new fish acclimate to ABQ and sick fish are nursed back to health
• Learn the secrets to keeping the Aquarium’s water clean

Upcoming Tour Dates

Please stay tuned for more information.

Questions? Please contact manager@bioparksociety.org or call 505-764-6297 Monday-Friday.