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Corporate Support

The ABQ BioPark is the most visited attraction in the state and a trusted family destination. By aligning your brand with the BioPark, you establish goodwill among customers and clients who value nature and community, just like you.

The ABQ BioPark is an excellent marketing venue for your company and is a valuable and visible way to show your support for your customers’ community. Financial support from individuals, corporations, and foundations is crucial to the future of the ABQ BioPark and critical to the success of our programs. Your sponsorship makes a lasting difference.

We offer multiple sponsorship options to best match your company’s marketing goals and philanthropic values.


Why Partner with Us?

  • Establish name recognition among the 1.3 million annual visitors to the BioPark
  • Enhance brand visibility through the BioPark’s marketing, communication materials and promotional opportunities
  • Build your corporation’s reputation for social responsibility (CSR)
  • Studies show that consumers are more loyal to, more likely to recommend and more likely to switch to products and services from a company that supports a cause they care about
  • Ensure that the ABQ BioPark remains an idyllic home for animals and plants, a point of community pride and a world-class educational resource.


Support of Specific Programs & Exhibitions

Please call 505 764-6297 or email: manager@bioparksociety.org