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Dragonfly Mosaic Installation
at the ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden

A unique opportunity to show your love for the Botanic Garden

Please call 505 764-6297 or email: manager@bioparksociety.org for additional information.

Support the New Mexico BioPark Society and the Botanic Garden through a beautiful mosaic art installation by Laura Robbins of Placitas, New Mexico.

The glass mosaic mural, located on the northern wall and banco of the Dragonfly Sanctuary Courtyard, is nestled in a shady, contemplative area perfect for quietly observing nature. The mural playfully depicts dragonflies, bees, ladybugs, spiders and grasshoppers, each fashioned out of numerous pieces of hand-cut glass.

On either side of the mosaic fused green glass ribbons, each bearing a donor or loved one’s name, is artfully placed on or next to whimsical clay flowers, cactus pads and leaves. These fused green glass ribbons are available for $1,000 each. Custom dragonfly artwork painted on your ribbon by the artist  is available for $5000. Leave a lasting impression that adds beauty to the Garden today!


Order today to recognize the important person in your life today.



About the Artist

Laura Robbins is renowned for her imaginative and inspiring mosaics, often depicting nature in a mix of reality and fantasy. Her works are primarily made from ceramics and glass, sometimes incorporating stones, gems, fossils and found objects.
She is committed to protecting wildlife passageways of New Mexico and frequently uses imagery of flora and fauna in her work.

Her work may be viewed at www.laurarobbinsmosaics.com

“A beautiful balance of reality, imagination and awareness is inherent in every mosaic… Robbins’ love of nature and individual experiences with the delicacy of all life forms is expressed exquisitely in each piece.” – Excerpted from Heather Saxon’s piece in Local iQ 3/24/11-4/6/11, p 5.


dragonfly_mosaic dragonfly_mosaic2