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Happy Birthday to Yeti and Dash!


You can help snow leopards Yeti and Dash have a ball celebrating their first birthdays.


Your donations will provide Dash with his favorite toy – a soccer ball. Dash gets a kick out out of pouncing on, chasing and wrestling his soccer balls. Dash doesn’t let his blindness or limited mobility keep him on the sidelines. This playful activity allows him to practice his natural skills. Dash’s sharp claws and teeth can shred a soccer ball very quickly. Our goooooooaaal is to purchase at least 52 soccer balls – enough to last one year. Each soccer ball costs about $20.

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Dash kicks back and plans his next move.


Yeti takes his playtime into overtime, and zookeepers have recently introduced a new “jolly ball” toy. It’s tougher than a soccer ball and can be hung up high to build jumping skills. Yeti shares the toy with the other cats, but you can give him a “jolly ball” of his own. Each “jolly ball” costs about $20.

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Yeti is ready to roll.


Will you help score hours of fun for these two growing snow leopards?

By giving a gift, you will help these two active youngsters grow up to be athletic, strong and healthy adults.

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These soccer balls are ready to be sidelined.