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Reciprocal Park Discounts:

As a New Mexico BioPark Society (NMBPS) member, you receive free or discounted admission to more than 150 zoos and aquariums throughout the country. The list of participating institutions is available below. Please be aware that the list is subject to change, as zoos sometimes change their participation during the year.

All facilities offer 50% off regular admission, unless otherwise noted. Please contact a zoo or aquarium prior to your visit to find out their admission requirements for the reciprocal program.

Please remember to bring your NMBPS membership card with you when you visit in order to receive your member benefits. Picture ID also required.

Please Note: Reciprocal Program participation with NMBPS is voluntary. Occasionally, zoos and aquariums decide to change their participation. If you plan to visit any of these facilities, please contact them first to determine their participation and reciprocity rules and regulations. Free facilities are listed if they offer alternative discounts to members.
The San Diego Zoo, San Diego Wild Animal Park, Sea World, and Denver Zoo do not reciprocate.

→ Download list of participating parks