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Penguins have arrived at the ABQ BioPark!


Meet the penguins that call Albuquerque home.

King Penguins

  • Second largest penguins in the world
  • Dive deeper than any other penguin
  • Incubate eggs on their feet instead of in a nest

Macaroni Penguins

  • Spend most of their life at sea, only coming ashore during nesting season.
  • Named by English explorers. In 18th century England, a man wearing a hat with fancy feathers was called a “macaroni.”
  • Most common penguin, but populations have declined by 30% in 20 years.

Gentoo Penguins

  • Fastest swimming penguin
  • May dive 400+ times per day to hunt krill and fish
  • Eat food that thrives in warmer ocean temperatures.

There are 15 other species of penguins in the world, some of which are critically endangered. But, all penguins are on thin ice. Overfishing, changing ocean temperatures and pollution threaten their survival.


You can help penguins thrive.

Keep it local

Support the education programs at the ABQ BioPark’s Penguin Chill, and help our local community learn about penguins. Click here to donate, and select Penguin Education Programs. Or, click here to sponsor part of the new exhibit.


Support global penguin conservation

New Mexico BioPark Society supports Sanccob and Dyer Island Conservation Trust, which protect penguins in the wild. Click here to donate, and select Penguin Conservation.