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If you don’t see your question or answer here, please contact our Membership office at (505) 764-6280.

Q: Why should I join the New Mexico BioPark Society?

A: Your Membership entitles you to free unlimited admission to all ABQ BioPark facilities including the Zoo, Aquarium, Botanic Garden, as well as many other benefits listed on the main membership page.

Q: How can I join the New Mexico BioPark Society?

A: You can join online by clicking the “Join Now” link, by telephone at (505) 764-6280, or at the administration office of any of the BioPark facilities.

Q: What happened to the Zoological Society?

A: In April of 2006 the Zoological Society and the Friends of the Aquarium and Botanical Gardens merged to become one society. The former office of the Zoological Society is now the New Mexico BioPark Society.

Q: Can I renew my membership online?

A: Yes. It is a quick and easy to renew online. While renewing, you can also upgrade, add a guest, and make changes.

Q: When will I get my new membership cards?

A: Your new membership cards will be mailed within 4 weeks after receipt of your membership application and payment. If you have not received your cards after this time, please contact the membership office at (505) 764-6280.

Q: Can I use my new membership before I receive my membership cards?

A: Yes. After your membership application and payment are received by the Society, you can show your I.D. at the administration office at the park. If you purchased online, your printed receipt will act as a temporary pass. If you mailed your application, please contact the membership office at (505) 764-6280 to confirm receipt.

Q: How do I make changes to my membership card?

A: You can contact the membership office at (505) 764-6280 or visit the administration office at the entrance to the Zoo or Aquarium/Botanic Garden.

Q: How can I make corrections to my online application?

A: If you processed your application online and need to make corrections or changes, please contact the membership office at (505) 764-6280.

Q: Why do I have to show my picture I.D. when going to the BioPark facilities?

A: As a nonprofit organization that relies heavily on membership and attendance for support, we need to prevent misuse of our membership cards. We also want to protect our members should their cards be lost or stolen. We try very hard to keep our membership prices affordable for as many people in our community as possible. If memberships were shared by families and neighbors, our revenues – which provide critical support for our facilities and projects – would be severely reduced.

Q: What if I lose my card?

A: You may visit the facilities by presenting your photo I.D. at either of the administration offices at the entrance to the Zoo or Aquarium/Botanic Garden. You may order replacement cards by calling the membership office at (505) 764-6280. The first time replacement will be free. After that there will be a $5 replacement fee for lost or stolen cards.

Q: Will lost or stolen guest passes be replaced?

A: No. We are unable to track guest passes, as they are valued at up to $12 each. Please keep them in a safe place.

Q: Can someone other than the primary cardholders (such as a nanny, babysitter, relative or friend) use my card?

A: No. Membership is not transferable and is only valid for those named on the card. Photo I.D. is required.

Q: What ages are considered for adult and child memberships?

A: An adult admission age is 13 or over. A child is age 3 to 12. Children age 2 and under are free.

Q: What if a child reaches ages 3 or 13 during the year?

A: The child will keep the current membership status until the next annual renewal.

Q: Can my child use my card without an adult member being present?

A: Because we require a photo I.D. from an adult cardholder, they would only be allowed to use the card if they have a valid photo I.D. and their name appears on the card as an adult member.

Q: Can I save my admission receipt and apply it toward a membership at a later date?

A: Not at a later date. But on the same day of general admission purchase, you may apply your admission fee towards the purchase of a membership by visiting one of the facilities administration offices at the entrance to the Zoo or Aquarium/Botanic Garden.

Q: Can I buy a membership for only one of the facilities such as the Zoo?

A: Memberships are no longer available for just one park. One of the wonderful benefits of merging all three facilities into the ABQ BioPark is that your New Mexico BioPark Society membership is good for all three facilities: Zoo, Aquarium, and Botanic Garden.

Q: Can I purchase a membership for more than one year?

A: No, memberships are good for one year from the date of purchase.

Q: Do members have free access to “River of Lights”?

A: No, River of Lights is a fundraising event which helps bring financial support to our various programs such as the BioVan educational outreach. We have adjusted the prices to make it affordable for the general public. Members do receive discounts to programs such as “Summer Nights” and “Zoo Music” concerts, Zoo Boo, education classes, and more.

Q: Can members get Behind-the-Scenes tours?

A: Club Members are entitled to a Behind-the-Scene tour. The “Explorer Club” includes tour passes for 4 to your choice of one of the following: Catwalk, Shark Tank or Garden Conservatories. The “Adventure Club” includes a tour for 4 to one of the three facility parks. Please see the Club Memberships page for a list of benefits, or contact our the Society at (505) 764-6280 for more information on becoming a Club Member.

Q: Do you have any members-only events?

A: Yes. August is Member Appreciation Month.

Q: What is a reciprocal zoo or aquarium?

A: As a New Mexico BioPark Society member, you receive free or discounted admission to more than 150 zoos and aquariums nationwide. Please visit the Reciprocal Parks page for details. As other facilities’ policies sometimes change during the year, we recommend contacting the facility before your visit. You will need to have your membership card present to receive the discount.

Q: Is my membership payment tax deductible?

A: Yes. Your payment, less the fair market value of the benefits you receive, is deductible for income tax purposes. Please consult you tax advisor for details.

Q: Are there any black out dates during the year?

A: Memberships are good throughout the year during scheduled operating hours. The parks are closed on January 1, Thanksgiving Day, and December 25.