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In-kind Donations

In-kind contributions (non-cash) are very important to non-profits. Gifts of goods and services help provide exciting premiums for auctions and other events. Donated media time is invaluable in publicizing BioPark activities and events. Non-cash donations also help offset operating expenses by supplying needed items and materials.

NMBPS encourages businesses and individuals to become involved by donating certificates and identified goods and services for our signature events – Run for the Zoo and River of Lights.

We also have need of donations for general operations of the Society and the BioPark. Over the years, individuals and businesses have donated a variety of usable materials that have help us meet the needs of the BioPark. Computers and computer supplies, appliances, raw materials, supplies for education programs, vehicles and a plethora of perishables have been given.

Please call 505 764-6297 or email: manager@bioparksociety.org if you would like to discuss making a donation of goods and/or services. Of course, your donation will be generously recognized.