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Happy First Birthday to Havoc and Ruckus!


You can help the hyenas Havoc and Ruckus have a ball celebrating their birthday.


Hyenas have the strongest jaws of any mammal. That allows them to eat everything from bones to hooves in the wild. That also means they can turn the average enrichment toy into toothpicks in no time! You can help give them a heavy duty, nearly indestructible ball for their birthdays!

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Havoc and Ruckus at nearly one year old.


Hyenas get a bad reputation for scavenging food, but they are skilled and competent hunters. A new heavy duty ball will allow Havoc and Ruckus to play together and practice the teamwork that wild hyenas use to take down prey.

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Havoc and Ruckus at one month old.


The zookeepers would love to give Havoc and Ruckus a specially made, heavy duty ball from local company Wildlife Toy Box. Each ball costs $489. Will you help contribute to the cost of this enriching toy?

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By giving a gift, you will help these two active youngsters grow up to be healthy, strong and intelligent adults.