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Welcome baby Neelix!

Celebrate the newest addition to the BioPark’s giraffe herd with a week-long virtual baby shower, April 1-5.

Join us on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates and videos as we celebrate Neelix’s first 3 months.

Instead of a car seat or a stroller, this big baby needs presents that help him play, eat and grow up to be a healthy and happy giraffe. Please consider a gift to pamper baby Neelix, mother Niara and the rest of the herd.

Give your gift to Neelix here.


A $15 donation can provide the hardware, such as bolts and clips, to construct and hang enrichment items.


A $25 donation can provide a “Jolly Ball” toy or wiffle balls inside of plastic shoe boxes (a challenging puzzle feeder!).


A $50 donation can provide a specially-made hay feeder or buckets and baskets to make puzzle feeders.


A $100 donation can provide a rubber mat to cushion concrete floors or a mini fridge to store browse.

A $200 donation can provide a security camera to monitor the herd or a mirrored “Looky Loo” enrichment toy.

A $350 donation can provide a pallet of fresh sod on which the giraffes can cool off and rest.