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Capital Campaign:

The New Mexico BioPark Society’s “Nurture Your Love of Nature” capital campaign seeks to expand and improve the ABQ BioPark’s Zoo, Aquarium, Botanical Garden and Tingley Beach. This important $14 million effort will benefit hundreds-of-thousands of New Mexico’s children, adults, seniors and educators. Once complete, the exciting projects will strengthen the region’s education and conservation efforts, economic development and tourism.


Help us keep our facility relevant, educational, recreational, and thriving!

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Amphibians – Life on a Limb
Exhibit dedicated to the worldwide amphibian crisis
Frogs • Salamanders • Newts • Caecilians

Pacific Coral Reef
Renovated walk-through reef • approx. 80 different fish species
Butterflyfish • Angelfish • Puffers • Surgeonfish

Birds of the Americas
Exhibit provides improvements in habitat, viewing, and care taking
Hyacinth Macaws • Sun Conures • Burrowing Owls • Roadrunner

Garden & Aquarium Perimeter Fence
A permanent fence which includes panels of artistic sculptures

Gorilla Bachelor Pad
700 sq. ft. playroom provides an additional enrichment and training area for our male gorillas

Plastics in Our Oceans
Interactive display about protecting sea life and water quality

Gator Swamp
Located in front of the Reptile Building
Open-space “bayou” space for American crocodilians currently housed off-exhibit

Jaguar Joint
Triple size of current space • Pond for swimming
More naturalistic setting and increased mobility • Located in cat walk

Tingley Beach – Pathway to the Bosque
Celebratory pathway with informational plaques and art pieces
River Otters
Large outdoor exhibit at Aquarium • Underwater viewing window



Gorilla Waterfall
Provides existing exhibit with a natural waterfall landscape

Penguin Chill
Adjacent to Inukshuk Bay • Two-level enclosed exhibit
Above and below water viewing • King, Gentoo and Macaroni sub-antarctic penguins