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Orphan of the week Series

For the next four weeks, we will be featuring our BioPark Parent’s “Orphan of the Week”. In this series, we will spotlight an animal, plant, or fish that does not have a parent sponsor to call its own.

Which one will grab your heart? Every Friday, you will have the chance to sponsor one of our “orphans”, and the best part? The minimum sponsorship is only $25, making this a great gift for yourself or someone else!

Your BioPark package will include a welcome letter, animal fact sheet, personalized certificate and more depending on how much you can spend to support your species.


Week One – Botanic Garden – Heritage Farm – Black Turkey

Did you know you can tell the gender of a turkey by the shape of their poop? Our male black turkey, Pavo, lives at the Heritage Farm and is nine years old.


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Week Two – Zoo – Grand Cayman Blue Iguana

Back in the 1990s, this species was nearly extinct in the wild with only 15 to 25 animals left in the wild. Through captive breeding and cooperative action between the Grand Cayman government and zoos in the United States, this species now numbers about 800 animals and has been successfully released back to wild. – Richard Reams, herpetology curator.


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Week Three – Zoo – Cape Vulture

As of 2017, the International Union for conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List categorizes these birds as “Endangered” due to habitat loss, powerlines and insufficient food sources. The ABQ BioPark Zoo has successfully hatched and raised two Cape Vultures over the last few years.


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Week Four – Aquarium – Great Barracuda

Our six barracudas need “parents” and names! With Aquarium curator approval, be one of the first six to name a barracuda with a sponsorship of $100 or more! (Please add the name to the comments section of your order, you will receive an email confirmation once the name is approved).


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