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Orphan of the week Series

BioPark Parent Orphan Week Series

For the next 8 weeks, we will be featuring our BioPark Parent’s “Orphan of the Week”. In this series, we will spotlight an animal, plant, fish or bug that does not have a parent to call its own.

Which one will grab your heart? Every Friday, you will have the chance to sponsor one of our “orphans”, and the best part? The minimum sponsorship is only $25, making this a great gift!

Your BioPark package will include a welcome letter, animal fact sheet, personalized certificate and more depending on how much you can spend to support your species.


Week One – Debrazza’s Monkey

Did you know? Debrazza’s are great swimmers!

Photo courtesy of Jessey Cherne-Durkin

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Week Two – King Cobra

Did you know? The King Cobra is the largest venomous snake. Averaging 10-13 feet! The IUCN red list has the King Cobra as Vulnerable due to habitat loss and exploitation.

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Week Three – Water Lily

Botanic Garden Ponds – Did you know? Fossil evidence suggests the Water Lily has not changed much over the past 160 million years.

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Week Four – Prickly Stick Insect

Bugarium at the Botanic Garden – Although they look scary, these guys are actually quite harmless. They rely more on camouflage than scare tactics, and will rock on their branch like a leaf in the wind.

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Week Five – Micronesian (Guam) Kingfisher

Did you know? This bird has been extinct in the wild since 1986. The BioPark has been successful in breeding these amazing birds to hopefully one day release them back into the wild.

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Week Six – Siamang

Did you know? Each pair, male and female, creates a unique song of their own and they sing it to one another. They are listed on IUCN red list as endangered since 2008, mainly due to the loss of 80% of their habitat.

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Week Seven – Alligator Snapping Turtle

Did you know? In the wild these turtles have been known to live for 200 years.

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Week Eight – Clown Fish

Did you know? Females lay around 1000 eggs; the male clownfish will guard the eggs.

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